Welcome to Sweet California! I created this blog as a way to entertain myself over the summer, and I hope to continue it for quite some time to come. I've always considered myself more of a speaker than a writer, so this has been quite a challenge!

Even though I've only been around for nineteen years, I've already had many life-changing experiences and lived in some pretty cool places. Exotic? Not really. But I'd say the contrast between rural Pennsylvania and crazy Los Angeles is a pretty big deal.

I used to be a professional child actor, and I liked to pretend I was Lindsay Lohan. Luckily I escaped Hollywood before I followed her footsteps, and I've been on a hiatus for the past two years going to college. After a year at a small, private school in Tennessee I decided I was done 'being normal' and I was ready to embrace my hippie side and follow my interests. No, I'm not living in the trees, I'm just transferring schools! This school is much more interdisciplinary and even though I'm leaving behind my best friends and my sorority, I think I'll be much happier education wise. Plus, I get to graduate a year early!

I plan on going back to California as soon as possible, even though earthquakes make me cry and I have a horrible allergy to smoke. That just shows how much I love LA! Or maybe I just have an addiction to In-N-Out and Pinkberry. Who knows. This time however, I'm looking forward to working in the other side of the industry, either in casting or producing. Yes, I'm crazy, but a little crazy is good! True confession: when I really miss home I watch Entourage. Nothing cheers me up better than Drama freaking out about driving over to the valley! And I'm totally rooting for Lloyd, especially since I'll probably be in his shoes pretty soon. Go team assistants!

So while I'm not entirely sure where I'll end up next, I have a feeling I'll love it and I'd love to share it with everyone else, too.

ps. Oh yeah, I went to the moon. What did you do over summer vacation? ;)
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