Links you'll love.

I've finally whittled my Google Reader down to just the blogs I love, so I wanted to a few of share them with you!
Last updated: September, 2009. 


All Lacquered Up
This was the very first nail polish blog I stumbled upon. Always on top of the latest trends and collections.

Nail Juice
Amazing variety of swatches and she does some great nail art too.

Also one of the polish powerhouses, she's one of the first to get polish news and collection previews.

Life & Inspiration

If you haven't experienced the magic that is Gala Darling you have to take a look at her blog pronto. She's seriously changed me as a person and she's a total inspiration. I could go on and on.

Okay to be fair, this is my mom's blog, but even if it wasn't I'd still read it. She's a Creativity Coach and it's all about bringing the creativity (back) into your life. Pretty cool stuff!

Color Me Katie
One of the most creative women I've seen on the internet. She's a street artist and you have got to see what she's done to make Brooklyn even more gorgeous.

A Few Others

Tip Junkie
Okay so this blog is totally geared towards moms, but if you like crafty things you'll probably find some great stuff. And if you are a mom, then you'll probably love this site.

Deadline Hollywood
Not for the faint of heart, this is a pretty intense Hollywood blog. The comments can get pretty sassy, and there's a lot of industry jargon, but I'm obsessed with it! Sure, sometimes I have to skip over the posts about the SAG elections, but the agency merger updates are totally worth it!

Oh No They Didn't!
My number one hands down no questions asked blog for celebrity gossip. Be careful, it's addictive. The comments are hilarious too, especially when they start whipping out the animated gifs! The downside? I know way too much info about Britney's breakdown, Michael Jackson's last days and those ridiculous Twilight fans.

The Pioneer Woman
And of course, how could I not mention Ree's blog. I found it last year and I spent a weekend going through almost all of her posts. She's an amazing writer and photographer, she's got a cute husband, and her kids are adorable. LA girl turns country housewife. From sushi to calf nuts...I could go on and on.
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