Procrastination by way of Mother Nature

Hello Friday!

To start off with, the run that I tweeted about yesterday was a BUST. My dad and I walked over to the gym, passing the First Thursday tents that were being set up along the way. We noticed that it was getting cloudy, but this being Portland that's a pretty normal occurrence here.

I jumped (okay, grudgingly stepped) on the treadmill and while I was warming up I noticed that every single TV in the gym was turned to the news and every single news station had alarms blaring and bulletins flashing about a humongous storm headed our way. FANTASTIC.

We decided to leave shortly after that so we could avoid the 60 mph winds and pouring rain and hail that was headed our way. You know, just to be on the safe side for our 5 minute walk home.

And what happened? It got windy, it rained for 20 minutes and there was some lightening. After what happened in Memphis with lightening striking on campus, this was no big deal. I was proud that I didn't curl up in a ball somewhere holding my ears.

Oh and? First Thursday was a no go. I was pretty excited for it and this was the first one I've been around for since last August. Oh well, we've still got a few more chances before I leave for school again!

Long story short, here I am sitting at the table wearing my running shorts and sneakers trying to get myself to walk over there and run for 30 minutes. It's only 30 can do anything for that long. Right?

Oh and PS...those goals I mentioned yesterday? I've been working on them. You'd be so proud! Hopefully I can share them later today, and give anyone out there a chance to share theirs too.


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