Saturday Links aka Sinks?

It's Saturdaaaay!

Today, my parents and I are going to Albany for a Peonie and Hosta walk. I'm not entirely sure what that will entail, but I'm going with the flow! And later, we'll be heading over to check out the Rose Parade Floats! Hopefully the rain holds off, and maybe we'll even be able to see some sunshine. What are you doing this weekend?

Also, I've got some links for you guys! These are a few of my favorite things I've found this week from all sides of the internet.

To start with we have to sites that you've probably heard of already. And if not? You're in for a treat. These texts can get a little (okay, maybe a lot) raunchy, but quite a few of them had me laughing out loud and scaring the cat.
And of course, life wouldn't be complete without seeing a compilation of awkward family photos. Seriously, these are awesome. And they make me secretly glad my family doesn't take photos together.

This came up yesterday, but I think what the Blue Man Group is doing is so cool. If only I could pass for a kindergartner!

After finishing Why New Orleans Matters I checked out Tom Piazza's website, and there was a question and answer session with him that was really awesome. He talked more abut the bad and the good of New Orleans, as well as the continuing rebuilding of the city and it's surrounding areas.

If you or someone you know is about to head off to college, this blog is an amazing resource. You will definitely be prepared for dorm-life. Be sure to take a look at her checklist, that's something I wish I had when I was moving in last fall!

And lastly, two brothers who take stunning pictures! They're West Coast Wedding photographers. Boone's on Twitter, too! I don't know if it's just me, but I've always loved looking at wedding related things. Yes, I was one of those girls who was planning her wedding at 8 years old. After I got done playing school with my nail polish, of course. Anyway, this website instantly went into my bookmarks. You know, just in case I happen to get engaged in the next few months. Which isn't likely considering I'm single. If it takes a faux fiancé to make this work, then so be it.

Whew, I've been all over the place this week! I hope you can find something to keep you interested in that list. Do you have a site that's worth mentioning? Let me know!

Have a safe and happy Saturday.


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