Spinning Tires, Painting Nails, and Fortune Cookies

As a warning, this post is all over the place, but that's kind of how my brain feels right now too!

To begin with, I feel like I'm stuck in a rut, as if I'm not doing anything productive right now. Nothing that's impacting myself or others in a positive way. I'm just existing. I can sit and think and plan for the future as much as I want, but none of that will happen if I don't start doing things now. The question is, what should I be doing? I know in the fall I'll have a lot on my plate, most of which I'm really excited about. Sure, there's anxiety about transferring schools and meeting new people, but there are also classes I can't wait for, clubs I want to join, and all sorts of volunteering projects I'd like to get involved in, especially ones that are involved with the elementary schools nearby. That being said, that's the fall and I won't be going back to school until the end of September.

I would like to spend time this summer figuring out more about who I am, and what makes me truly happy, as cliche as that sounds. I'm known for telling people to do what makes them happy, and I really need to be better at following my own advice. So there we go, something for me to think about and work on.

Moooooving on...I spent some time yesterday organizing, which is actually something I love to do. I used to be somewhat messy and incredibly unorganized, but living in a 11x13 box for 8 months definitely helped me improve those skills! I kept my side of the dorm room insanely organized and it really helped a lot. It still got messy at times, but when your space is that small, it's not too hard to get it neat and tidy again.

Anyway, what did I organize?

All of these.

That's right. Nail polish. I have quite the collection.

Now I know that's something most people aren't interested in, but if you are or you just want to stare in bemusement, you can see pictures from that here. Everything is nicely labeled and color-coded and now that I've gotten rid of quite a few...I can buy more! Just kidding. I think. I'll spare you from my thoughts about all of the spring and summer collections that are out now.

And one last note, a very good friend of mine left home today to spend his summer in China! This is so exciting to me because I know he loves the country and everything that goes along with it. So if you want to read about his adventures (I'm sure there will be MANY!) you can find his blog here.


Heather said...

I love posts that are all over the place. Makes things exciting. I can remember feeling stuck in a rut alot in college too. It's an exciting time but alot of things are going on and you have LOTS of decisions to make and work to do. You'll figure it all out. You're smart to just take the summer and do some soul searching. It'll all come together. I PROMISE.

And your nail polish collection is delicious!!

Natalie said...

Thanks so much Heather. I think I really needed to hear that! That's definitely my plan for this summer, along with sleeping in of course. :)

I think my collection is definitely becoming an obsession, I had a dream about a nail polish superstore last night. LOL! Now if only those existed...

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