C25K - Recap!

Okay, when we left off with my Couch to 5 K progress, I had just finished my first day of week 4! Here's a little recap of what I've done since then.

Week 4 - Day 2
Oh my, this was quite an interesting run! The running part of it went really well for me, it was just the weather that was a challenge! It was gorgeous outside when I started off. The sun wash shining and aside from a few clouds the sky was clear. During my first run interval it started to drizzle. It was still sunny, but there was definitely some precipitation action going on. About halfway through it suddenly got very dark, and by the time I was on my last run it was raining steadily. For the last minute it was pouring SO hard I could hardly see 10 feet in front of me and then, get this, it started to HAIL! I jumped under an overhang of one of the buildings, but since I was already pretty wet I figured running the last couple hundred feet to my door wouldn't matter too much. Luckily my iPhone was fine and the armband case kept it dry!

Week 4 - Day 3
The third day of my week 4 run was pretty uneventful, which was definitely needed. Before I left I looked out the window and saw lots of gray sky and people in scarves and coats. So of course that must mean it's FUH-REEZING outside, right? I layered up with a tank top, long sleeve shirt, and my lightweight jacket and I made sure I had my gloves too. I was nice and cozy for my 5 minute warm up walk, but as soon as I started running I realized I had made a huge mistake. It was stinkin hot out there! As I ran I was trying to take off my layers without flashing anyone or tripping in a pothole. I'm sure it was quite a sight! Once I had stripped down (ha ha) I was fine, minus the fact that I had to run with everything tied around my waist.

I'm still struggling with my breathing and running out of breath. I have noticed that when cars pass me going either direction I speed up a LOT. I don't know if I'm trying to beat the car or if I'm subconsciously preparing to dive into the bushes but it's really not helping my lungs! I've been trying to make a conscious effort to slow down and strike with the middle of my foot, but it's not second nature yet.

Week 5 - Day 1
I made it to week 5! I've never ever gotten this far before! This week we're doing longer intervals, and today the magic number was 5. Run for 5, walk for 3. Oh boy. My first five minutes were great and so was the walk after that. The second five didn't go quite as well, and I had to stop and walk for about 10 seconds partway through. The same thing happened during my third and last run, but overall I'm really proud of how I did. All together I ran 15 minutes! I tried to map out my route to see how far I've been running/walking, and I think I'm up to about 2 miles. Pretty cool!

In other news:
I'd really like to get back to regular posting (about non-running things). I'm going to work on that this week, and maybe I'll come up with some good ideas. I think I'm making it more difficult than I need to, but sometimes I feel like this blog is extremely unfocused. If it had a single niche, then maybe it would be easier to 'create content', but because it's more of a general 'life' blog things are a little different. I could always create sub blogs for running or nail polish, but then I would need to run three separate blogs. I always feel kind of strange just talking about my day and such because that's the kind of thing that would go in a diary. I'm not a mom with an adorable baby and a cute house or an entrepreneur running a start-up or anything like that, so I almost don't feel like I can get away with blogging about my life.

I guess I have some things to mull over, and I need to decide where I want to go with this project.


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