C25K - Week 5, Day 2

I was thisclose to wimping out a and cuddling up in my bed with some books instead of running. I was downtown to pick up some books at the library and I planned on doing my run right afterwards. It was partly sunny and there were a lot of people outside, but I just didn't feel like doing it. Somehow I talked myself out of the car and onto the path, and I promised myself a big bowl of ice cream if I could get my booty around the lake at least once.

I had a mini freak-out when Suz said "are you ready for your 8 minute run?" because I definitely WASN'T! I was thinking that today would be the same as Monday's run, so that was quite a surprise for me! I'm really glad I chose to spice things up a little and use a podcast instead of my usual music because I wouldn't have gotten through those 8 minutes without Britney, BSB, and NSYNC.

The first 8 minute interval went REALLY well! It went by pretty quickly and without much trouble. The second long interval wasn't quite as easy, and I did have to stop and walk for about 15 seconds. Other than that, it went really well. I was surprised I didn't have more trouble today because I really haven't been drinking much water this week, which tends to hit me hard when I'm working out.

According to RunKeeper (which I used for the first time since it told me I was running 107.58 mph) I ran 1.91 miles in 23:30. My average pace was 12:19. Considering this included my 5 min walk to warm-up and one 5 minute walking interval, I'd say that's not too shabby! I looked at the breakdown, and it seems like I was running at around 5.7-6.0 mph for the most part. I know I'm not fast, but that's something that comes with time. I hope!

I believe I have a 20 minute run this Friday (I'm too scared to look!), so I'd really like to use it again so I can have a better gauge of my pace and my mileage. It's unfortunate that I can't get a strong enough signal to use it while I'm running at school, but it's fun to check in every once in a while, as well as get a change of scenery.


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