Plant a what?

Plantar fasciitis.

Two words that strike up fear in any runner. (I don't know if that's true, I just made it up. But it sounds scary!) Don't ask me how to spell fasciitis, let alone pronounce the dang word! All I know is that if that's what the issue is with my foot, it's miserable. I mentioned yesterday that I had some arch pain, no big deal. Yeah well, it's not gone and it's getting a lot worse. As in if I take another step the arch in my foot might explode worse. Not cool, dudes.

Now, I'm not 100% certain that's what my deal is, but I'd go with about 94%. Ouch ouch ouch! I've been icing it, but I haven't noticed any difference. Yay for limping around! How the heck have I managed to do this when I've only been running for 6 weeks? It better not have been the treadmill because I was so excited about finding an alternative to running in the yucky weather!

Mi madre and I are going to visit a real running store when I'm home for Thanksgiving, so hopefully they'll be able to tell me if my sneakers are worn out. Hopefully they are, and that's the issue, and then things will be totally awesome right in time for my first 5k in December. If not...I'll probably cry.

I've never had a sports injury though, so this is a teensy weensy bit exciting for me. Totally twisted, right? I did sprain my ankle once when I was really little, but my grandparents were watching over me while my parents were out of town, and it happened during a birthday party for a set of twins I knew. Their parents are both doctors and I was so scared they were going to have to amputate my foot or something! I was terrified I'd get in trouble too, so I didn't tell anyone. What a wild imagination I had in those days.

I'd like to do day 3 of week 6 for my C25K plan tomorrow, but I don't know if that's a good idea right now. I think I'll wear my sneakers all day and see if the support helps my arch at all. If not, I guess I could always attempt some cross-training on a bike or something. Either way, I definitely want to go visit the nice, clean 24 Hour Fitness and pretend to be all tough with my 8lb dumbbells.  Heck yes!


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