C25K - Week 6, Day 2

So I'm a few days off track (yet again), but I finally got around to finishing day 2 of week 6! I'm almost a month away from my very first ever 5K race! Boy, that's a scary thought!

Today I decided to do things a little differently, and I ended up running in the gym on a treadmill. I got through my intervals without stopping, but I was also running at a 12:00 pace! Suuuuper slow. The interesting thing is, I never felt out of breath at ALL. I loved that feeling, I just wish I could keep that up at a faster speed. Today's run really irritated my right arch, which probably isn't a good thing. Every once in a while I get arch pain from walking around in certain pairs of shoes, and I'm thinking this time it was caused from wearing my rain boots all day. Hopefully!

It was a rough weekend for me, and I think the weather has had a big part in that. It's been getting dark at 4:00! That's just not normal. I really do feel so much better after lifting some weights and running. I think the gym might be what gets me through this winter. Sure, it's not as good as running outside, and treadmills really suck, but sometimes you just don't have the energy for a swimmy run.

In other news, I rearranged my room and my desk is now in my closet, I dyed my hair back to red, and I no longer have a nose ring! Also, I've been reading like crazy, learning how to work that big fancy Nikon DSLR,  and I deactivated my Facebook. Don't ask me where this is all coming from, because I have no idea!


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