True Confessions: Bite me.

I'm a huge True Blood fan. I love Bon Temps, I love puppy dog Sam, I love the everchanging Cajun and Southern accents, I love Anna Paquin. Hell, I even love it when Bill says "SOOKEH IS MINE" in his cheesy old-fashioned gentleman accent.

If you've never seen the show (or read the books, I suppose), here's a pretty accurate recap:

HBO, I want to thank you for providing us with gems like True Blood and Entourage. Keepin' it classy, like always.

But seriously. True love for True Blood. Season 2 may have turned into a hot mess, and some people stuck around for way too long (Maryann, I am looking at YOU), but I'm still so excited for season 3! If you haven't seen the show I recommend starting with season 1, since you really do need to be up on your back-stories for things to make sense. Don't stress though, you've got until June of 2010 to catch up!

And for the record: I'm NOT a Twilight fan. At all. 0%. Don't even get me started on the craziness of 'Twihards' and Stephenie Meyer. And if you are a fan, please take your sass pants off before commenting.

Anyway, how are we all feeling today? I don't even want to think about how much I ate yesterday. Pretty sure I managed to eat half of a pumpkin pie. Totally worth it!
Today's a long run (as in 2 miles), and I'll do a recap of that and a few other running related things tomorrow. Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend?


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