Running Recap

Something different! A week's worth of running posts crammed into one little recap.

Monday - I didn't run, much less get out of bed.
Tuesday - In this lovely semi-jumbled Dayquil fueled post I talked about getting off track with my C25k program now that I've gotten to the weeks that consist only of one running interval. I miss my walk breaks!
Wednesday - One mile (5.0) on the treadmill at the gym. Hercules 2 was on! My legs wanted to keep going, but my lungs were so mad at me for even attempting to run.
Thursday - Does going from the sofa to the kitchen count?
Friday - Instead of shopping for Black Friday I hammered out 1.5 miles, 5.0-5.2, on the treadmill. Coughing while running on a treadmill a) is dangerous, and b) will get you dirty looks.

I still sound like Roz from Monsters, Inc. but at least I can breathe!

My right arch is still bothering me, and now on top of that my right calf has decided to join in on the party. I'm hoping to visit a real, live runner's specialty store sometime before I head back to school to see if I need some new kicks. I've never had my gait analyzed or anything fancy like that. My current shoes are from Dick's and honestly I just picked them because I though they were pretty and they felt kind of like they fit. Such a pro. Hopefully a new pair of shoes will solve the issues, or else I'm in big trouble.

What did you get out there and do this week? I've always wanted to try spin class, but I'm way too intimidated. They seem so intense! For those of you in warmer climates feel free to make me jealous with your warm and sunny outdoor workouts.

21 days to my first 5K!


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