What are those called? Books?

Does anyone else feel like reading is becoming a lost art?

It seems like these days everyone (myself included) would rather curl up with their remote than a book. Why is that? I know for myself, I have trouble concentrating on a book. I'm so used to multi-tasking that I can't just sit down and lose myself in a book. When I was little I always had my nose in a book, and now I usually have three or four I'm in the middle of, but by the time they're due at the library I haven't finished any of them!

Out friends my age, very few of us are big readers. In my opinion, a lot of that has to do with being in school. When you're in classes that require you to read 500 pages a week, the last thing you really want to do is spend a few more hours staring at a book. I don't know any boys my age that like to read for run, either. What's the deal, guys?

I use Goodreads to keep track of what I want to read in the future, and I also try to keep it updated with what I'm reading at the moment.

This is sitting next to me:

And this is under the ginormous stack of pillows on my bed:

Lastly, this is on top of a stack of library books that's probably a foot and a half high:

I started reading Julie & Julia way back in August on my flight to Memphis, and I'm only halfway through. This is kind of disappointing to me because I'm actually an incredibly fast reader, but for some reason I'm having a hard time getting through this book! I've been enjoying it, it's just taking forever.

The Bible is new, and aside from a required class I had to take last year, I've never read one before. I'm following a two-week guided tour plan that's from the publisher. I'm on the fourth day and it's been very interesting to me so far. I never thought I'd be reading the Bible, much less owning a copy of my own.

Lastly, I'm about to start reading Affluenza for my program. This week is our group project work week (tongue twister!) and we all have to choose a book to read and do a summary of for next week. Yeah, I'm doing my first book report since the third grade. It looks like a pretty interesting book though, and I've heard it called the Fast Food Nation equivalent for the shop 'til you drop set. Oh boy.

So my question to you is...what are you reading right now? I want to hear about your book life! What have you read recently that you loved (or hated)? Do you make time every day to do some reading?


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