Coming Attractions

Currently, I'm on campus here:

(Minus the green, since we've now entered the rainy season the Pacific Northwest is famous for.)

In June I will be here:

And in September I will (most likely) be right around here:

Currently, I'm taking lots of artificial sunshine (vitamin D), trying to fit in, running to stay sane, and doing lots of homework.
In June, I'll be a rockstar intern, eating my fair share of In-n-Out and Pinkberry, reuniting with friends, and back in my favorite place ever. (And complaining about traffic, freaking out about earthquakes and wildfires, and wondering why I decided to work in the entertainment industry.)
In September, I'll be all alone (not really) in a foreign country, attempting to learn Italian, eating LOTS of pasta, and riding Vespas with cute Italian boys named Paolo (come on, I know you saw the Lizzie McGuire movie!).

It's gray and rainy, and we've entered our second to last week of classes for the fall quarter. I have a ton of work due this week as well as the next, and most of it is part of a group project I've been working on all quarter with eight other people. I've learned that I work really well in groups -- as long as I'm the one in charge. We've really struggled from day one with working together rather than individuals, and there have been a lot of issues. I'm so grateful we're almost done!

Thinking about what's coming up in the future has really been helpful to keep me motivated lately. I can't wait for sunny days in LA and eating amazing food in Rome!

Do you have any summer plans yet? Where have you always wanted to visit? I love hearing all the exciting things people do during the summer, as well as travel stories!

PS: Ran in my new shoes for the first time yesterday! I absolutely loved it. I had very little pain in my arch, and absolutely no other problems. It seriously felt like I was running barefoot! I ran 1.75 miles on the treadmill.


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