Mantras - do you have them?

It's that word that is stuck on repeat in your head. It's the phrase that you can't stop doodling in the margins of your notebook. You hear it with every step you take, you see it on every street sign you pass. Whispered when things seem like they'll never end, or shouted when they finally stop spinning.

Sands and hands. This picture is from the day after. When I got these tattoos done, I told the artist that it was my rapper name. He could tell I was kidding, so I fessed up and told him that it was actually the first initials of every boy  I've ever dated turned into an abstract poetry piece.

But really? It's my mantra. Sands. Safe and sound. Hands. Healthy and strong. Either one (or both) could be applied to almost any situation in life. And when I get anxious about something or I feel myself stressing out, I can just wiggle my toes and remember.

Do you have a mantra?


Elizabeth Marie said...

That is amazing. I love it...and lol at rapper name.

It's like you have a little secret that keeps you strong.

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