Running Recap (Or Not)

I haven't been running this week. Monday and Wednesday were packed with last minute stuff for school, and preparations for our huge project presentation on Thursday afternoon.

And well, Thursday was quite the adventure! Somehow, I managed to give myself a concussion while doing yoga! Yeah, I've got skills. We were trying to do handstands supported against the wall and I guess my arms forgot that they needed to hold me upright for that and - BAM! - head meets floor.

I can't drive for a few days, and the doctor also said I shouldn't run until all of my symptoms go away. We'll see how long that takes! I've still got a wicked headache, but hopefully it will be gone soon.

My very first ever 5K is next Saturday! I'm sooooo not ready.

My parents came and picked me up yesterday morning, so I'm at home for a few days before I head back to school for my evaluation conference which will be the official end of my quarter.

I'm hoping to be back full force both with running and the blog in general in a few days! My Google Reader has over 100 unread posts, so I've got a lot of catching up to do!


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