I'm cold!

It's been cold here lately.

I thought this was pretty bad.

Luckily I had an ice scraper in my car. (This was at 4pm, btw)

In an attempt to stay warm, I baked lots of cookies for far away friends.

And we also made snowflakes. (Before and after our 'how to make snowflakes' google sesh)

And what happens as soon as I accept the fact that it's cold?

Did you know my walk to class is fifteen minutes long?
Longest fifteen minutes of my life.

And then this happens...

That would be the front seat of my car. You'll notice the open center console. Oh. Yeah, yeah that's glass. Thanks so much for breaking my ENTIRE window. Can you just pick the lock next time? That'd be grrrrreat.

Not only did they steal my GPS (RIP Mrs. Peacock, I'll always remember your impeccable British accent and the respect you had for my fear of u-turns), but they also took the box of holiday Yankee Candle air fresheners that was in my glove compartment. I guess they weren't a fan of the beach scented trio.

Luckily, my car escaped the Penis Bandit that struck a few days ago. That would have been quite embarrassing to explain to the window repair people.

Isn't college AWESOME?


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