I miss you, Sonic! (Back to school)

Long time, no post! Sorry, life got a little out of control this week with the start of a brand new quarter. I survived, but I'm in desperate need of sleep.

My very last Cherry Limeade before I ventured back up to Olympia. A little birdy told me there was a Sonic in Tumwater, but they just closed! That's what I get for getting re-addicted to Sonic over Christmas break. I miss it terribly already.

Along with being back on campus, I also...

  • had my first Theories of Personality class - I think this is going to be a really interesting class, and it only meets once a week! We also get two Monday nights off because of holidays, so that's even better! There is a group project (and we all know the luck I have with those), but I've decided that it will be a successful project no matter what.
  • did something really scary! - I'm in a writing program this quarter which is probably the scariest class I've ever taken. I feel incredibly intimidated by everyone in the class, but I know there's a writer deep inside of me so hopefully she'll resurface sooner rather than later. We have critique groups in this class and....I don't want to talk about it. 9 more weeks to go! (This is the class that has the torturous 8 hour long Saturday sessions, ps)
  • finished week 1 of HM training - well, sort of. My 3 mile long run turned into a short 1.5 mile run, but other than that I did a decent job I think. Today I received an email about a 10k being hosted on campus in February, which I may have to take part in! That could be an excellent way for me to stay motivated because right now the cold and gloom just aren't doing it for me.
So those are the 3 big things that happened this week. I also had 2am Wal-Mart trips, a girl's night to see Sherlock Holmes (not bad!), a crazy adorable meet-cute, a night with my parents, the best pizza I've had since Rhodes, a brand new roommate (and the sad news that another roommate left us!), and lots of reading and writing for class.

Oh yeah! I turned my hair purple, too. Apparently the hair dye reacted badly with the previous brand I used and it ended up a big burgandy/purple/DARK mess instead of the pretty pomegranate shade it was supposed to be. OOPS!

How was your week? I'm not sure how many of you live there, but I heard about snow in Florida, which is absolutely insane! 


Anonymous said...

Your nail color is too cute!

The Theories of Personality class sounds fun. I'm sure you'll do great in the writing class and remember the lovely words of Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, "No one can make you feel inferior without you consent." Just have fun and rock it!

...::Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

Haha, I love several drinks at Sonic, so I'm always stopping for one. It drives my husband crazy. ;-)

Holly said...

Yum! Cherry Limeade sounds tasty. Boo for no Sonic here in New Zealand!

Your nail polish is very cute! It makes me want to paint mine too!

Doing a university course about personality sounds really interesting! I just finished a B.A. in Sociology, and that sounds like something I totally would have studied if I'd had the option.

Oh dear at having purple hair! Mine's been purple before too! It's naturally brown, but really long and curly, so obviously the person dying it misjudged the correct amount of dye to use! The best part? The hair dying itself was part of a compensation package the salon gave me as an apology for BURNING my hair the month before, on the night of my school ball. Guess where I never went again...even if the purple did grow on me after awhile! :P

commoncents said...

Interesting... I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

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