The Life & Times of Costello

Sat hello to Costello, the newest member of my technologic family. He's a pretty blue iPod Nano that I got for Christmas from my dad. Apparently Amazon included this as a special gift with some of the books my dad had ordered.

Okay, so by now I'm sure you've noticed that Mr. C is resting in a bowl of rice. Oh yeah. I got dressed for my run yesterday, and I decided to try something new since I don't have an armband to hold an iPod this small. There's a little zipper pocket on the back of my running pants (tights/leggings/whatevers), so I figured I could put him (or it, if that's weird for you) in that pocket and zip it enough for just the headphone cord. What a great idea!

It worked fantastically for the first three minutes, until I had to go to the bathroom. Yeah, you know what's coming next. I pulled my pants down and as I did so I had the thought that hmm this could go very badly. And then -- plopsplash! Oh yeah, that happened. I spin around and almost fall over because my pants are down at my ankles. This bathroom is like 2x3 feet so it's not like I had far to fall.

 I looked down in the toilet and the damn thing had turned on! It's just chilling in the bottom and playing some LMFAO. Seriously. So I hesitated for about 1.3 seconds before I plunged my hand into the toilet bowl and pulled the dang thing out. Ew ew ewww.

Next came the 24 hour rice bath slumber party and I guess it worked because Costello came with me to the gym today! The exterior speaker, the one that lets you play music without the headphones, doesn't seem to be working, but that's the only problem I've had so far! (Crossing my fingers & toes) I haven't tried the video camera (why'd they put one of those in an iPod anyway?), but really I'm just concerned about being able to listen to my trashy classy gym jams like Ke$ha.

So I leave you with this: Costello, I love you but please don't jump into the toilet and start playing music! I promise it doesn't sound any better than it would on land. 

Also, I'm back at school and my first class starts tonight! Woohoo!


Holly said...

Oh no! Poor iPod! I'm glad he survived his accidental swim!

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