Stop and Smell the Roses

I've made a huge mistake. No, really. And I blame it all on ChicRunner! I spent an hour reading her blog last night and she inspired me to try something different. All this time I've been running, I've been doing it in the gym. On a treadmill. Today, I ran outside for the first time. I almost died. It was a lot harder! I've always heard that running on a treadmill and running outside are different, but I had no idea just HOW different they are. Not only are there huge dogs being walked by tiny old ladies to avoid, but there are uneven sidewalks, hills you never realized existed, and my personal favorite, ending 5 blocks from where I started! All those complaints aside, I think I'm going to try to keep running outside. Sure, it's easier in the gym and doing it this way means I'll have to dial it back a little, but it feels like a better workout and since this is Portland, the scenery is very entertaining.

I thought Sunday would be a good day for me to set up a personal challenge or two for me to complete this week. Something I that I could check off a list next Sunday. So my personal challenge for the week is to run outside three times this week. Also, I want to continue to drink 72 ounces a day. I've been noticing a big difference between the days I do and the days I don't.

Yesterday didn't go quite as planned, therefore I have no pictures. Hopefully today we'll going to see the floats from the parade, which should be fun. When we lived in LA my mom and I used to go check out all of the floats after the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena. They were gorgeous and it was so cool to see how much work the float builders put into them.

What's everybody else doing for the weekend? How's the weather? It's still cloudy here, I miss the sunshine! Hopefully it'll clear up soon.


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