Papers and Pointy Sticks

I'm back! I haven't really gone anywhere, but it's been a few days. Many new things are going on right now, which is way awesome, but it's also taking away from my internet time.

I'm a month in to my summer class right now, and it's going really well. I've gotten straight A's! Even though it's an online class, our professor has made it really interactive and engaging, which I think is great. A definite plus compared to previous courses I've taken online where all you do is read read read. And we don't have tests. :) Of course, that means there is a LOT of writing to be done, but luckily I seem to have figured out the formula for a well written paper. Two pages is no big deal after a year of 5+ page papers. Thank you Rhodes!

Speaking of Rhodes...I get to take a vacation in August! I'm SO excited to spend (almost) a week in Memphis! I can't wait to see everyone again. I'll be there right when they're starting classes, and then when I come home it'll be almost time for me to go back to school! My summer class ends a week or so before I start at Evergreen State.

Okay, that's a mini update for tonight. I've been knitting all evening, and I really want to keep going! Right now I'm working on this scarf, but I REALLY want to make these! I think they'd be perfect for people with iPhones, since they rely on your fingertips to work. And they're cute! I'll have to see if I can find a knitting place around here, because the pattern looks really complicated. I've never made anything other than a scarf!


Rob Fulton said...

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