Quiet on the Home Front.

Things have been very quiet around here lately. I've just been plugging away with my summer class and getting all of my work done. At this point I'm about a week ahead! Yeah, I really am THAT bored.

In the next few weeks I'm going to start dong some volunteering around Portland, which I'm really excited for! During the school year I did a LOT of volunteer work, both through my sorority and on my own. I loved it, especially all of the things I got to do with kids. Let me tell you, tutoring two kindergartners for half an hour each is definitely not as easy as I thought it would be! Oh sure, the first 15 minutes go by quickly and we're all having a great time with our flashcards and letters. And then once we reach the halfway mark it's alllllll downhill. They turn into monkeys! Adorable monkeys, but still. I'd say it was definitely the hardest hour of my week, but it was also one of my favorites. I haven't found any tutoring opportunities since school is out of session, but hopefully I can get back into it this fall.

A few times I've caught myself seriously reconsidering my decision to transfer, which is not good. It's hard to feel like you've made the right choice with something like this. I think it's been especially difficult for me lately just because I miss everyone. That and I've had a LOT of downtime so far this summer, which leaves plenty of time for thinking - which can be good AND bad. I have to be careful with my reminiscing, it's too easy to get caught up in all of the good things, and I have to remind myself of the reasons for my decision. I think things will be fine once school starts again and my days are packed just like I've gotten used to. :)

I promise very soon I'll have more exciting things going on in my life! I did make some amazing strawberry lemonade bars that were delicious. Oh, and I've finally gotten around to dong some strength training. I love it so far! Who knew I liked lifting weights so much?


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