Home Sweet Home...Almost

I always love seeing the apartments and houses that people live in, so I thought I'd do a tour of my room at school!

The apartment has six bedrooms, and only one bathroom! That definitely makes for hectic mornings at times, but so far we've worked it out. The kitchen/dining/living rooms are huge and really nice. The entire building was redone over the summer, too. This on-campus housing defintely beats where I lived last year.

Okay, ready?

The view from the door. I like living on this side of the building because I get the afternoon sunshine. Yeah, I'm one of those people that opens the blinds first thing in the morning. It works almost as well as coffee! Ha AS IF.

To your left when you walk in. My beloved Ikea Helmer, which holds the huge nail polish collection and various other beauty supplies. On top you can see my jewelry. And then we've got my purse, knitting tote bag, and the tote I use for classes. I went on a huge Vera Bradley kick last year and I have a few duffel bags too. They're cute, and I'm pretty sure I won't be seeing anyone else on campus with one.

Oh color coded closet, how I missed you! I had a similar set-up last year and I really missed it over the summer. So now it's back! I still have some clothes to unpack, but the bulk of it is ready.

Comfiest bed ever. Yes, I have a step stool. I wanted more storage, so I ended up lofting my bed.

With my favorite posters, all California themed. I mean come on, what else would you expect?

Did you know they have remote holders? News to me! I attached it to my bed, so hopefully I'll stop leaving the remote somewhere random.

Crooked picture is crooked! It's driving my craaaaazy. I am proud of myself for hanging it up though. And the whiteboards...I love having my whiteboards to keep organized.

So much going on in this corner, but I love it...it's so cheerful! I really think my room will keep me happy through the dark winter months here.

It will probably never be this organized again.

A reminder of home, and my very first rain jacket!

I love this rug, but I'm not sure if I love it in the room. I really like the wooden floors and I think it might make the room look smaller.

And a view at night. The lights run all the way around my room and I absolutely love them. Some may think they're tacky, but I guess I'm just a tacky mood-lighting kind of girl!

And there you have it. It's a tiny room, but it feels really homey and I'd say it's probably the craziest room in our apartment. Lots of color and lots of stuff, but I love it. What's your favorite thing in your room?


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