NOTD: Essie's Cute As A Button


Today I'm wearing Cute As A Button by Essie. I've got it on my toes, too! I don't usually have matching fingers and toes but I thought it looked cute. The past week or so I had been wearing incredibly vampy purples and reds, but I thought I should end my summer on a bit of a lighter note. This is two coats and it applied extremely well. My nails and I haven't been getting along too well lately, and I've had some major peeling going on. Not sure what's causing that but luckily you can hardly tell when they've got polish on.


It really is a gorgeous pinkish coral and it doesn't make my hands look pale or blue. I've been on such an Essie kick lately, especially since they've started releasing colors other than their usual nudes and sheers. Don't get me wrong, I love the look of a natural pinkish manicure, but on my hands I tend to go for bold colors. I think nails are a great place to experiment and it's something you can change every day if you'd like.


If you follow me on Twitta (@sweetcalifornia) you'll know that I always have to include a bling shot. Don't forget, Tuesdays we wear our fake engagement rings! ;)


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