NOTD: Flashback!

I thought I'd show you guys two of my previous NOTDs that I've tweeted about in the past! They were taken with my iPhone, can you believe it? They're such good quality!

The first was taken on August 10th in the Pearl District, according to Lily-Mae my lovely 3GS.


I am in love with this color which is called Dirty Sexy Money by Misa. Don't you love that name, too? So sassy!

The next is a tried and true favorite of mine.


Short Shorts by Essie! Hands down my FAVORITE neon ever. One thing I love is that even though it's a neon you can get away without using a topcoat. I wore this on my toes almost all summer.

Alsoooo, isn't the bow ring adorable? I've been wearing it constantly. That picture was taken on August 20th on my way to the music video shoot! Maybe I was hoping the hot pink would help keep me awake all night?

Here's a little sneak peak of how I keep things organized, too.



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