Take Two.

I'm baaaaack! It's been so long. True confession time: I get performance anxiety when it comes time to writing blog posts. Weird, right? I overanalyze things and obsess and it just does not go well. That's probably not so weird, but it's definitely a pain in the ass. So from now on I'm going to quit worrying about it and let my freak flag fly (thank you Crosby, Stills and Nash). Which means? Uh well, I'm not sure yet. We're just gonna keep it real.

So what have I been up to?

I've been all over the place for the last (almost) two months, doing all kinds of things. Okay, not really, but I've been thinking about doing all kinds of things! I did go to Memphis for a few days at the end of August for a little reunion to see everyone from school, which was definitely a roller coaster weekend. It was one of the best weekends I've had in a long time, but there were also plenty of notsogood moments too. It was nice to know that I would be able to leave at the end of the weekend and walk away from all of the drama and the excessive alcohol consumption and the massive am
ounts of homework, but I would also be walking away from my best friends who love me, my sorority, and the potential for some really great things. The good thing is, feeling buyer's remorse is totally normal, and I think transferring really was the best choice for me. And if those people are meant to be in my life, then they'll be in my life! I've just got to trust it will work out in the end.

One side note though: Today was bid day for the sororities and I am seriously bumming about missing out on it! I really wish I could have been there for rush and bid day and pledge class bonding and everything, but that just wasn't in the cards for me. I'm still an active, but as of right now I'm in limbo since my new school doesn't have a Greek system. I still wear my letters and I've still got my DDD license plate holder on my car and all of that, but it's just not the same when I feel like I've lost my family. Hopefully I'll be able to connect with an alumnae chapter in Washington or Oregon who will adopt me even though I won't become an alumni until my actual pledge class graduates (2012).

Okay, I'm done with the moaning and groaning, promise!

Aside from the Rhodes trip, I've been quilting (super fun, except when the machine eats my bobbin thread and it sounds like baby birds dying) and just kind of hanging out.

Oh, almost forgot! I also worked as the Key PA for a music video shoot right here in PDX! Super, super fun! I did a lot of running around the few days before the shoot, and then the filming itself was a night shoot. IN-TENSE. I loved it though. It definitely made me realize how much I missed being on set, but not as talent. I just love the atmosphere and having my very own walkie talkie and everyone working together to create something that is wicked awesome. When the video comes out I'll let you know.

Aside from that, there have been lots of trips and lots of quality time with my parents. At this point we're all SO ready for me to go back to school!

I move in next weekend and I'm pretty excited. I'm so ready to have a normal sized bedroom and some freedom again. I've talked to three of my 5 (!!) roommates, and they're all living at school for the first time ever. So that will be pretty exciting. There has been no talk of who's bringing what or anything, so I guess we'll just be winging that one.

Classes start a week after that, and I can't wait! I was looking at the syllabus online and we get to go on a retreat and we're having a fashion show, and there's a mall field trip! Yes, this is a real school. I think. I'll keep you updated.

I love using this place to talk through my goals for the future, so I'll probably be doing that very soon. Consider yourself warned. I've made some concrete decisions, but of course they're all dependent on various admissions committees and the Bank of Dad (just kidding!), so they'll probably change. But still! I'm excited and I like having things to plan for and look forward to. So that's soon.

One last thing, my MacBook, which was a Christmas present in 2005 died a tragic death the night before I left for my Memphis trip. I found this out about 30 minutes before I left for the airport and I am proud to say I didn't have a hissy fit or even cry. So proud! I lost everything, including all of my pictures and my school work for my summer class. For once I had finished the two long term projects ahead of time and I was all high and mighty about it and then the inevitable happened and they were gone forever. Yeah, yeah, lesson learned. Save your important shit to Google Docs and back your computer up. I'm working on it. My new MB Pro is nice and shiny and the keys light up (UM AWESOME!) and it auto adjusts the brightness. On the downside, since I've installed Snow Leopard it likes to have brain freezes on the regular and they drive me insane. Hopefully that will go away soon.

And I say I'm not a writer? Psh, crazy talk. One day I'll be a real blogger and learn to use short paragraphs and pictures and I'll tell cute stories about my children or my puppy. Until then, I'm all about the long rambling paragraphs. :)

I think it might be good to be back.


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