Three Things.

Classes have finally started! In fact, I'm almost done with week one. So far things have been going really well, and I think it's going to be a great year. The workload has been super light compared to what it was last year, but once we begin our HUGE research projects there will be a lot more work involved.

My parents are taking an awesome roadtrip (and they even brought the cat with them!) and I'm kind of jealous that I'm missing out on it! For some reason they must enjoy driving across the country because this has got to be at least the 5th time they've done it in the past few years.

I went to a meeting tonight for girls and their parents interested in joining Girl Scouts and I signed up to volunteer! Which means I might have my very own Brownie troop! How crazy is that? I'm really really excited though, because I absolutely LOVED being a Girl Scout. I was involved for more than seven years and my mom was our troop leader for the majority of that time. We had such an amazing troop, we had so many patches and badges that we had to add extensions to our sashes! Hopefully I can be half as good of a leader as she was. :)

This has been the longest and busiest day so far, but I really wanted to give a little update on things. I have some really cool posts coming up too, with some for the girls about nail polish and organization and some for the boys about football and stuff like that. And if you're a boy that likes nail polish or a girl that loves football, I'm down with that too! It's all good.


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