C25K - Week 3, Day 1

My lungs are BURNING! The key in the pocket of my pants felt like an ice cube on my butt, I forgot my gloves at home, and I got a wicked side cramp but…I did it! I tackled the hills and ran on both the sidewalk and the road depending on how brave I felt, and I finished my run outside in the 40 degree weather!

Sure, this is my third attempt at week 3 in the course of the past two years, but every other time I've tried this program it's been at LEAST 60 degrees outside. I promise I'll stop complaining about the cold. Eventually. Maybe I'll just get used to it and become a fan of polar bear swims. Or not.

It was a difficult run for me, especially with the headache that came along about a third of the way through, but I'm really glad I did it. And next time maybe I'll have more than a cookie and tea the morning before I run. Real smart, Natalie. I also realized during my run that the podcast I'm using has an extra 90 second run/walk in it for week three. This led me to have a 6 minute walking period (3 min recovery + the 90 sec. walks/runs) right in the middle of my run. On Wednesday I think I'll skip the first 90 sec. walk/run and just have an extra long warm up. If I'm feeling extra adventurous maybe I'll just do the whole thing and run/walk those extra minutes.

PS. As much as I love using my Brita pitcher, drinking water that's been refrigerated right after spending 45 minutes outside in short sleeves and tights definitely makes your insides feel like they're a block of ice.

I need to go thaw out now. :)

PPS: According to my Run Keeper application on my phone, I ran 107.58 miles in 22:22 at a pace of 288.68 mph. At one point my speed was 6632 mph! Either I'm running a lot faster than I realized or I need to find another way to keep track of this! I think the problem was that it was a) cloudy and b) I'm in the middle of a forest, basically. It had issues finding a GPS signal to use. What do you runners out there use to keep track of this stuff? Should I carry the Garmin from my car with me? haha!


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