C25K - Week 3, Day...

Today's run didn't happen. And I'm seriously bummed!

Even though it was POURING down rain I was still really excited for my run. I've never ran in the rain before! Due to circumstances out of my control (such as the near death of Lily-Mae my beloved iPhone), I wasn't able to make it out.

I'm sure I'll have plentyyyyy more chances though, especially living here in Washington! I haven't decided if I'll run an extra day this week (Sat. or Sun.), skip the day completely and move on to day 3, or if I'll just run today's run on Friday and Friday's run on Monday, etc. I know I'll finish the program a few weeks before the race, but I really want to try to stay on track, since there's a pretty good chance I'll end up getting sick at least once between now and then (H1N1 is running pretty rampant on campus right now).

And for you non-runners out there, I have some other updates coming soon too!

How's everybody's week going?


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