We have a problem.

Something has taken over my life. I can't get through the day without thinking about it, and it's been keeping me up at night. I don't know what's left to do...

Except eat the entire container!

Seriously, this stuff is GOOD. I think I've finally found my replacement for Ben & Jerry's Apple Crumble. I think it's only around until November, which makes it perfect for a fall favorite.

Hot apple cider was one of my fall favorites, until I tried the Caramel Apple Cider at Starbucks. It was just...not great. I think I prefer hot apple cider that's just...apple. This had too many different flavors mixed in to one, and it made me really sick. Nothing like being stuck in traffic for an hour when all you want to do is curl up in a little ball. I feel much better today though!

In fact, I SHOULD be finishing my paper that's due tomorrow at noon, but in true Natalie fashion I'm procrastinating to the max. I like to think of it as letting the ideas meddle in my mind for as long as possible. Then when I actually do sit down to write it takes no time at all! Have I told you guys about the time I wrote a 10 page research paper in 90 minutes? Yeah, it happened. I sat down to write at 8am expecting it to take me all the way until the deadline at 4 to finish, and I was done in a flash!

I'm a big fan of mind maps and detailed outlines, and in this case I had an outline that was about 7 pages long, and an entire table full of post-it notes with quotes from my sources and my own thoughts and analysis. Am I the only crazy one out there? Maybe we really DO have a problem!


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