Two pictures.

Hi, this is me being vain. And this is your chance to put a face to a name? Uhhh yeah, that's it. 

Really, I just wanted to show you proof it was sunny. Over my shoulder? Yeah, that's sunlight. In my room. Those are also my Nicole Richie sunglasses. The first pair from an actual store since I was fifteen! When we lived in Los Angeles I bought all of my sunglasses in Venice Beach. They have huge stands that sell all kinds of sunglasses, most of them for under $10. This works perfectly for me because I'm always losing (and breaking!) my sunglasses. These have lasted me since June though, this might be a new record!

I also wanted to show you this! A pretty Nikon that I borrowed from my parents. I've been using it to shoot things this week for my new nail blog.  Cameras like these are so powerful, and I've just been using it on auto! Ay yi yi. I'm not a photographer by any means, but I'd love to learn. Until then, you can deal with my creepy eye. Somebody's watching you.


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