12 Random Things

  • I really miss southern boys. Actually, make that southern gentlemen. We don't have that here in the Northwest, at all. It's all for one and one for all! Woman powerrrr! I'm all for female independence and empowerment, but come on!
  • I'd take a stereotypical southern boy over a mountain man any day.
  • I miss having boys open the door for me, or pulling out my chair. Okay, the pulling out the chair thing has happened maybe ONCE in my life, but STILL.
  • Memphis taught me to love BBQ, Sonic, Chik-fil-a, and Elvis. Okay, I've always loved Elvis.
  • I pick up accents VERY easily, especially Southern accents. People frequently ask me if I'm from the south! Weird, isn't it? A friend of mine once described my accent as a "southern valley-girl". I wonder what I'll sound like after I spend three months in Nawlins!
  • I can do a wicked Jamie-Lynn Spears impression, as well as Sarah Palin.
  • I prefer a dry rub over wet. I'm talking about RIBS, people! Minds out of the gutter!
  • Skype is amazing, even if it does make me feel like I'm on a 15 second time delay for the rest of the night. I spent an hour talking with two of my best friends, and it was almost like I was back with them! We made plans to reunite this summer, which I'm very excited for! And yes, they're both from the south, and yes, I probably have a twang right now.
  • We've now entered week 10 of fall quarter, which means we're THISCLOSE to being finished! I just have a few more things to go (group presentation and prospectus, seminar, and a paper) before I'm all done. And then I have a week to twiddle my thumbs before my very first evaluation conference. We don't get grades here, we get evaluated!
  • Which means instead of getting a B instead of an A, you'll earn 12 instead of 16 credits. We can't let this happen. I don't anticipate losing credit over anything, but it's still a little nerve-wracking.
  • I register for classes for winter quarter in a few hours! I'm hoping to take a writing program, as well as a psychology class and ballet. Yeah, I'm cramming as many credits as I can because I'm SO ready to be D-O-N-E!
  • 5K is 10 days away! Hopefully the only snowflakes around here are the ones my housemate and I cut out tonight.
(As you can tell, I'm a bit scattered right now but I'll be back to normal after this week...gotta love finals!)


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