Running Recap

Recap time!

Monday: I've got new shoes! And I quoted Miley Cyrus. Don't tell anybody, but I love her song Party in the USA. But seriously, they're magical shoes, and my arch pain is completely gone! Heck yes.

Wednesday: More treadmill running! I watched Dr. Phil, and for some reason I was running faster on that damn treadmill than ever before! I don't usually run at 6 mph, but something about that show makes me want to sprint.

 My average speed was probably 5.5, but I constantly adjusting it anywhere from 5.0 to 6.0. For a good 8 minutes I was at 6, and I got so excited when I noticed that I started dancing! And then of course, I hit the emergency stop button without realizing and body slammed the front of the treadmill. So graceful.
My feet were still very happy. Iphones don't take flattering leg pictures, note to self.

Friday: Yesterday's run has been rescheduled to today. In other words, I couldn't bring myself to brave the cold. I'll probably shoot for 28 minutes this time.

Goals for the future:
Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon - New Orleans - Feb 2011 - Hellooooo my favorite city in the world! I'll be here from January to March, so this is definitely a possibility.

13 days until my first 5k! Oh crap!

One more thing:
Ally, one of the sweetest, funniest bloggers out there had an amazing post about Operation Jack earlier this week that really inspired me! If you haven't heard of it before, Operation Jack is a mission created by a father who is going to run 60 marathons in 2010 to benefit Train 4 Autism, as well as his own son, Jack. Anyone can participate in one (or more) of the races, and they're all over the US! If you're not a runner, you can still help out by donating or by spreading the word to friends. I'm definitely not up to marathon status YET, but I'd love to run a 5K with the team sometime next year. 


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